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Sympathy Flowers & Funeral Flower For Your Love Ones

Different Types Of Sympathy & Funeral Flower

Death is something that’s inescapable so we should live our lives to the maximum and enjoy each moment like it’s the last one. There is possibly nothing more difficult than losing a loved one. Funerals are a beautiful way to express our sympathy and bid farewell to the deceased.

sympathy flowers
When a sudden and unexpected moment as such occurs, it leaves the bereaved family grieving and at a loss. At these moments, the family needs the love and support of others more than anything. At these difficult times, we can do our part in providing sympathy and comfort to the bereaved family.
We can show our support to the bereaved family by offering our condolences by sending them sympathy flowers along with a sympathy card. Funeral flowers help to comfort the grieving by manifesting the love that surrounded the lost one, underlining the qualities that made them unique, and portraying the eternity that will hold their memory forever.
Even if you’re living far away from the bereaved family, or if you cannot attend the funeral for some reason, sending sympathy flowers for the grieving family is a great way of exhibiting your sympathy, love, and support for the family. Along with flowers, you can also send a sympathy card for showing that you’re thinking of them.
During these times of loss, funeral flowers encapsulate the feeling and emotions that we share. Some funeral flowers convey love, give meaning, lubricate expression, proclaim emotions that words fail to express. While there are millions of flowers and not all flowers categorize under sympathy flowers, we should be aware that all flowers contain different meanings and emotions attached to them and therefore, we should choose appropriate flowers in accordance with their symbolism.
The most typical flowers for funerals and condolences are lilies, which signifies the divergence of a soul to a different world, or a young soul’s innocence. We have categorized various types of Funeral flowers along with their symbolism.

Types of Funeral/Sympathy Flowers:

sympathy plants

The lily is the flower most typically amalgamated with funeral services as they express the innocence that has been restored to the deceased soul. The lily can be a powerful manifestation of the spirit of a loved one that proffers love and encouragement to the bereaved family. It has also been kindred with the idea of rebirth. It celebrates the innocence and purity of the young departed soul.
The white stargazer lily is the most popular of all; it depicts sympathy and empathy.

Typically, roses signify romantic love, and they have various symbolism and emotions associated with its colours.
Red: Red roses signify love and for the departed soul. But, they can also imply strength, courage, and respect.
Dark Red: Dark crimson roses signify grief and melancholy.
Yellow: Yellow roses signify friendships or new beginnings and loyalty.
White: White roses signify purity and heaven, and also humility, innocence, spirituality, youthfulness. These are often used for funerals of children to celebrate their youth.
Light Pink: Light pink roses are the traditional roses associated with sympathy and are often used for funerals of women and children.
Dark Pink: Dark pink roses signify admiration, appreciation, elegance, and grace.
Purple: Purple roses signify dignity and elegance. These are usually used for funerals of older people.

These are long lasting flowers and are usually associated with an everlasting love. White/ Pink orchids indicate sympathy and are the most typical colours of orchids to be used in funeral services. These flowers are the expressions of love and gestures of sympathy and can be taken to funerals of lovers and closed ones.

Calla Lily
The Calla Lily is given prominence in Christian Easter services as a symbol of Jesus Christ’s resurrection and manifests holiness, rebirth and church faith. They also signify youth and beauty.

Gladioli are tall flowers which can measure up to 4 feet tall. The Gladiolus encapsulates strength of temperament, sincerity, and moral uprightness. These elegantly express your condolences and empathy in such difficult circumstances. It is also a profound reminder of the strength of the departed as well as their own, which encourages them to move past the grief in their life. They are available in various colours consisting, white, pink, red, yellow, purple, orange, salmon, and green. Regardless of the full range of colors, Gladioli typically signify integrity, morality, strong personality, and sincerity.

Chrysanthemums (“Mums”)
Chrysanthemums also known as “Mums” are used all over the world exclusively for funeral services. They symbolize death and rebirth. They also signify positivity and thankfulness for the departed for leading a life brimming with morality and honor.
Red: Red Mums signify love.
White: White Mums signify innocence and truth.


Carnations are typically used in standing sprays and funeral service wreaths. These are long-lasting and fragrant and are a popular choice for funeral arrangements.
Red: Red Carnations signify admiration.
Pink: Pink Carnations signify remembrance.
White: White Carnations signify true love, faithfulness, purity, sweetness, and innocence.
Yellow: Yellow Carnations signify friendships.

Hydrangea exhibits true emotions and is one of the popular choices as sympathy flowers. They can be given as a plant, since they bloom perpetually and therefore, exhibit lifelong remembrance.

Tulips symbolize with renewal and fresh beginnings. They are perceived to bring motivation and hope for the grieving family. They are one of the popular choices among funeral flowers for expressing sympathy and empathy for the departed soul. Tulips, also manifest elegance and grace.
Yellow: Yellow Tulips signify cheerfulness.
White: White Tulips signify forgiveness.
Purple: Purple Tulips signify royalty.
Red: Red Tulips signify pure love.

Gardenia, among the category of funeral flowers, represents peace. These beautiful and fragrant flowers proffer comfort and sympathy to the grieving family. Gardenia also signifies love and remembrance for the lives of the departed.

Daffodils, the bright and vibrant flowers of the blooming spring signify fresh beginnings and optimism. These are perceived to provide comfort and encouragement to the mourners of the terrible loss.
As the name suggests, Forget-Me-Not flowers signify remembrance for the departed soul. They also signify everlasting love and are, therefore, arranged by the partners/ spouses for their lovers.

Irises signify friendships and belief. It has also been perceived by religious faiths as the guide to afterlife/ heaven.

A unique choice for funerals, Hibiscus signifies elegance and femininity. This bright and vibrant flower is often used in funeral services for mother, sister, daughter or wife. They portray delicate beauty and strength.

Colour symbolism of Sympathy/ Funeral flowers:

Red Funeral Flowers:

Typically, all types of red flowers depict love, strength, and courage. They are most commonly given to the lovers or spouses as they express infinite love and admiration for the departed soul.

White Funeral Flowers:

Usually, white flowers portray innocence and honour of the deceased. They are also associated with the idea of heaven and rebirth.

Blue Funeral Flowers:

Commonly, blue flowers manifest peace and serenity. They are usually used in funerals for men.

Pink Funeral Flowers:

Pink flowers are a manifestation of the emotions of preciousness, elegance, and femininity. They are usually used for funerals of women and children.

types of funeral flowers


Though choosing a sympathy flower can prove to be a difficult and a burdening task, identifying your relationship and feelings towards the deceased person, can help you to come down in favour of the flower of your choosing.

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