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Sympathy Poems, Condolence & Funeral Poetry On Funeral

In Memory Poems For Your Loved Once

When a loved one is taken away from us, it can be a very difficult time for those who are really close to the deceased. At this phase, all they really need is a support system, someone to be there for them while they are grieving. Because losing someone is not easy, it affects the strongest and the weakest people, all the same. So, at this grieving period, the least we can do is support and sympathize with the grieving.

People can signify their empathy and support by giving sympathy flower and writing, in memory poems, letters, to convey how much they care for the deceased and their family.

Tips for writing your own in-memory poems/funeral poems:

  • Process your writing style. Take up ideas from your memories; share some of your memories in a rhyme or make up a unique poem without using rhymes.
  • Quote the popular sayings of your loved one, to reflect their personality and make the poem more intimate/personal.
  • Include your personal feelings about the deceased; your love, admiration. Expressing your grief about the loss, makes it more genuine, and sympathetic.

Writing sympathy poems is not a piece of cake for everyone, after all, we aren’t all Bukowski. Therefore, we have put together a variety of poems for you to exhibit your sympathy for the bereaved in the most empathetic way, so you may do your part in comforting the grieving.

We have categorized the type of poems you may want to recite or write for the family of the deceased.

  • Encouraging Poems
  • Sympathy Poems
  • Short Poems
  • Poems for loss of Mother
  • Poems for loss of Father
  • Poems for loss of Friend

Encouraging Poems

We all need words of encouragement for our survival. And at thin moments like these, we need all the love and support we possibly could. These words, are full of optimism and hope so that we can look into the better future; even after the loss that we have suffered. Losing a loved one is never an easy experience, it’s disheartening and toilsome and people seem to lose their hope. At these moments, we can do our best to boost motivation.

“There’s always light at the end of the tunnel.” These words, include inspiration and comfort, and confidence in the dark days of life.

Encouraging Poems

Sympathy Poems

In moments of grief and loss, all we need a person who’s there for us through thick and thin. We need someone to sympathize with our loss and give us their love and support. One of the most beautiful traits human can have is, empathy for one another, and at these dark moments that’s what defines us as caring humans. Being sympathetic for someone, understanding their pain, offering kindness and support, is what counts at these moments of loss.

Sympathy Poems

Short Poems

We don’t always need to write or speak far stretched poems for expressing our love and support for others, because sometimes “less is more”. At difficult times, even the least of support can help people to deal with the loss. The most important factor is that you care for someone and want to see them do better and so short and sweet does it.

Poems for loss of Mother

Losing a mother can be one of the most devastating experiences people feel and have to go through. A mother’s loss can cause tremors down to a person’s soul, so at this time, people need all the love and empathy to process the variety of emotions that comes with the dark moments like these. Grief of losing a mother involves various stages, starting from denial to anger to finally acceptance and no one can alone go through a mother’s loss; people need to be there for one another.

Poems for Loss of Father

Losing a father is like losing the pillar of the family, the backbone of the family. A father is, typically, the financial and the emotional supporter of a family. So, losing a father is soul shattering. The bereaved family, needs the support and hope of others who care about them.

Poems for loss of Friend

Losing a friend is like losing a part of our soul, it’s never easy, it can never be. Losing someone who has shared memories with us, exchanged secrets, resolved problems, discuss situations, laughed till our stomachs hurt, cried together in the middle of the night, losing a person like that, is extremely traumatic. At these moments, people need a shoulder to cry, a person to vent to.

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